Directed Drawing Angel Art for Kindergarten

Hello Friends,

This little directed drawing art activity is ADORABLE!

Here is how we did it...

My students first sketched the steps with pencil . (Scroll down to the bottom of this post to find a FREE directed drawing guide.) Then they used oil crayons to color in their shapes. I told them to color in the wings - even if they wanted them to be white. After they filled in their shapes, they took black oil crayon to trace over their pencil lines. When this was completed, they used a blue wash to paint around their angel and stars.

The paint wash was a 50/50 mixture of blue Tempera paint and water.

Here are a few examples of the finished product...

If you would like to do this project with your students, click HERE  or the image below for a step-by-step guide.

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Read the Room Editable Cards for Kindergarten

Hello Friends,
My kinders love searching the room for hidden cards. I love for them to search the room, too, because it gets them up and moving, but with a purpose! These editable Read the Room cards are perfect because they are editable. That means that the words (or letters) can be changed as often as you like. AND.... it's especially nice because the words are populated upon the recording sheet as you type! Easy activity with little prep... If you are limited on color printing, print the cards in black and white and add sticker dots to the picture cards. 

This is my WINTER Search the Room resource which includes December through February.

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Cute Nativity Craft

Hello Friends,
This is one of my favorite kindergarten projects. I am lucky to teach in a Catholic school so that I can make these. They are simply cups turned upside down with a painted Styrofoam ball hot glued to the bottom. Add features and details with glue and fun stuff and you have an adorable Nativity.

If you would like more detailed directions for how to do this Nativity, you can find them HERE.

 Until next time!


Advent Wreath to make with Kids

Hello Friends,
One project that I like to do with my kiddos is the creation of an Advent wreath. I like doing this one because the kids do virtually every step by themselves. No hot glue! It does take a bit of prep and also takes a bit of time to complete, but I like the way it ends up and the kids learn along the way, too. :)

SUPPLIES: (for each student)

1.  Chinette Classic White 10 3/8 inch dinner plate
2.  Templates (found HERE)  
Please note: This document is set for PUBLIC sharing. If you get a message asking me to share this document with you, you are probably trying to download from your school network. Try downloading it on your personal/home network. Many schools block downloads from outside their network.)

3.  Purple, pink, and green paper (I use Astrobright paper.)
4.  Glue
5.  Clear tape
6.  4 wooden craft sticks
7.  Green tissue paper (optional)

Print the candle templates upon the appropriate paper. Hope, Peace, and Love are printed upon purple paper. Joy is printed upon pink paper. 

Students cut along the outside edge of the candle. Roll into a tube and secure with clear tape. Once it is secured, cut along the bottom lines.

Fold the tabs on the dotted lines.  
Notice that this photo shows the candle template colored with purple crayon. That is another option. It just adds another step in the process. :)

Color the circle template green. Cut out and glue to the bottom of the plate. There are 2 options for this step. The first one is to color the template green. The second option is to print the template upon green paper. You can also paint the paper plate green and skip this step if you wish. 

 STEP 4:
Place glue onto the bottom of the tabs. Place the candle upon the circles. Continue this way until all candles have been attached to the plate.

Color the holly leaves. Cut them out. Glue around the base of the candles.


Use pieces of tissue paper scrunched and glued to the top of the plate.

Color the candle flames. Cut out four flames and attach to a craft stick. The sticks are placed inside each candle. They can be added to a candle for each Sunday in Advent.

 Here are photos of the two options for creation of the Advent wreath...

OPTION 1: This one uses Astrobright paper for the candles, flame, and green template. The plate is also painted green.

OPTION 2: The candles, flames, and green template are colored with crayons. The holly leaves are also colored with green crayon.

There you have it! A not VERY messy Advent wreath!

Happy Advent, my friends!

Until next time,

Kid's Art Calendar - not handprints

Hello Friends,
We have been making handprint calendars as a gift for the parents of our kiddos for many years. They are really, really cute.... BUT....... painting the hands of an ENTIRE classroom takes a ton of time.... So...... I decided to come up with a way to still do the calendar, but in a way that my students can do independently with no paint.....

Now..... there is no way AT ALL that my kiddos could have done these pages independently even a month ago. But, they have been following step-by-step directions since school started and have become pretty confident at following them by themselves. So........ this is what I came up with.... they are doing pretty good, so far..... ☺

The background paper is 8 1/2" x 11" construction paper. I gave my students card stock "tracers" to ensure that the shapes were large enough to fill the paper. They used oil crayons to add details (for every month but January.)  All months were made from paper cut-outs except November. November is simply a traditional hand turkey that is colored with oil crayons.

EDIT:  I added a  NOVEMEMBER "no hand print "turkey! 

 No hand print turkey .... NOVEMBER.....

Until next time,